About YTS

Youth Thinkers' Society (YTS)

Youth Thinkers’ Society (YTS) is a non-governmental, independent organization with the fundamental aim to empower young minds since its inception in 2014. With the motto to create the pool of global thinking youths, developing employability and entrepreneurial skills, it has been regularly carrying out youth engagement programs.

YTS organized the first ever university level international Model United Nation conference in Nepal: the Everest Model United Nations in 2014. After signing a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Embassy, Nepal, it has been collaboratively conducting Asian regional model united nation since 2016. Paving the way for Nepalese youths to be engaged in international conferences and meaningful discussion have not only assisted in personal growth but set the tone for creating the culture of harmony and globalized thinking. It has regularly participated in international MUN outside of Nepal as well, facilitating deserving youths and creating platform for them to share their experiences back home through MUN Society Nepal.

With the motive to develop leadership skills and engaging youths in social causes, programs like ‘Sapana ko Computer’, ‘Call for Ideas’, ‘Mitjyu’, ‘Barista training to the women of rural area’ were initiated. During the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, it played an active role in mobilizing youths across the affected areas for relief and support works and helping to rebuild schools in several districts.

Additionally, Youth Thinkers’ Society has also promoted and continues to promote innovative ideas of youths and has provided them with a platform to implement their original ideas through a program called Vision for Change. YTS has helped in skill development activities which ultimately led to employment opportunities and entrepreneurial startups for youths.

YTS has thus, provided notable long term implications for youth empowerment. Encouraged from the immense support garnered throughout the years, YTS aims to further expand its activities so as to reach a larger beneficiary group.

MUN Society Nepal

MUN Society Nepal (MSN) is a passionate group of youths addressing the global issues and setting up a platform for policy development. MSN has been an integral part of YTS in advocating youth engagement and promoting the need to become a global citizen. In it, experienced MUNers and MUN enthusiasts coordinate and advocate the growth of MUN culture with the sole motive of curating an intellectual mass of global thinkers.

It analyzes the topics to be discussed in MUNs hence, setting the right tone for the workshops and conferences to be held. With its global outreach and collaborations, it has been acting the bridge between the Nepalese youths and the worthy international opportunities.

MUN society Nepal also has its membership benefits. The members have the first hand information on MUN workshops and conferences happening at national and international level. MSN is a close-knitted family, throughout the years, members have been sharing what they know, helping each other grow and working for the common cause of empowering youths.