Regarding MUN

What is MUN?

MUN stands for Model United Nation, where the participant roleplay as the delegate to the United Nations. They need to act like the delegate to the United Nations representing certain country (which will be assigned prior to the conference) in the different committees that they will be assigned.
In United Nations, there are various committees which discuss on the things related to it. For example in United Nation Security Council, delegate talk about the issues regarding security concerns.
You need to have proper research about the country that you are assigned to and speak based on facts and actual reality. You need to follow the procedures and have an argument accordingly. You need to have proper knowledge about the rules of procedure(ROP) to engage in the MUN.
ROP stands for Rules of Procedure. IN MUN, the participants need to follow certain procedures. For more details about the ROPs involved in Model United Nations, you can join the workshops conducted by Youth Thinkers’ Society in the months leading up to EIMUN-2018. For International participant, they can research online and if necessary contact with the Dias members of the respective committee that you will be assigned.
As per the demand of the character that you play, i.e the role of the delegate of certain country that you will be assigned to, you are required to submit the view of that country regarding the topic to be discussed and its stance on the matter.
After successfully completing all the registration process, you will get detail of the country and the committee that you will be representing.
Yes, you can take help from the dais member of your committee. Dais member can guide you to research and prepare for the conference. But for this assistance, you need to complete the registration process.

Regarding EIMUN 2018

Who can apply for EIMUN 2018?

We cordially invite all interested candidates from high school or above from Nepal and from other nations to EIMUN 2018.
The registration deadline for late bird is the 5th March, 2018. For more info click here.
It takes place in Kathmandu, Nepal.
One with no prior MUN experience can also apply for EIMUN. After applying they need to partake in one of the workshops conducted by Youth Thinkers’ Society in the months leading up to EIMUN-2018. For international delegates, the dais members of the respective committee will guide you virtually.
YTS and the US Embassy in Nepal will conduct series of workshops in different districts of Nepal in the months leading to EIMUN. You can follow our facebook page or enquire us via mail for the upcoming workshops. Candidates who have not appeared in MUN workshops will be mailed after the application is reviewed and informed about the upcoming workshops.
Visa assistance is provided to the country in which visas are not easily approved. You need to contact our office a month before your arrival in Nepal.
For the details about the payment methods, click here.
Yes, we can provide you a visa letter. Kindly contact us via mail or telephone. Email us at connect@eimun.org
Because of the high number of applications that is received, we cannot address this issue in the desired manner. However, for high school students, we might be considerate to some extent.
As MUN is the simulation of United Nations, you are required to dress formally. For global village and social night, you are required to bring the cultural dress of your native country (not the country that you are representing). For national delegate(Nepal), you need to bring the traditional cultural dress for the global village ceremony.
The Social night features a theme party. We had a masquerade party last year. Be prepared to be surprised this time!