“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Over the time, Model United Nation conferences have proved themselves as excellent learning procedures. Adopted by some of the most prestigious high schools and colleges around the globe, it instills distinct personal qualities and refines several skills - researching, debating, diplomatic, public speaking.

We believe that a process of education must have no barrier of any sorts. Every interested individual from any academic background regardless of the social, cultural and financial aspects ought to have equal prospects to polish oneself and their skills. Thus, we provide scholarships to the highly interested and qualified candidates being based on our core principle- Availability, Accessibility and Affordability.

The EIMUN 2018 family wishes that no deserving candidate is deprived of this wonderful opportunity. However, due to the lack of availability of funds, we are obliged to be cautious while providing the scholarships so that the most deserving candidates have better chances. Hence, the following three criteria have been set for determining the eligibility for acquiring a scholarship for EIMUN 2018.

  1. On the basis of Finance

    Applicants should be in need of financial support to be eligible for a scholarship. Applicants should be able to provide proofs for financial constraints. Applicants from underprivileged and minority groups will be taken into higher consideration.

  2. On the basis of Merits

    After the financial circumstances are taken into consideration, participants are screened about their interest and enthusiasm in extra-curricular activities.

  3. On the basis of Fund Raising

    Applicants must show proof of efforts made for fund collection before applying for scholarship. Applicants are eligible only if those efforts were failed. If an applicant meets all the above criteria then he/she is eligible for receiving a scholarship in Everest International Model United Nations 2018.

    After filling up the Delegation Form, please fill in the Scholarship Form and kindly mail a cover letter explaining why you are eligible for receiving the scholarship. Also, attach your CV and kindly mention your registration number. Please understand that the submission of the form does not guarantee a scholarship for EIMUN 2018. You shall receive a confirmation mail from our team if you are deemed fit for the scholarship.

Application Deadline : 20th February - 2018

Once Delegate registration is successful, you will automatically receive a system generated unique Delegate Application Number through an email. Use the DA Number below to start your scholarship application.