Ambassador's Message

Dear Delegates,

As the U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, I am excited to be a part of the regional Model United Nations Conference in Kathmandu this July. The U.S. Embassy is a great advocate of youth empowerment, and we believe that programs like Model United Nations (MUN) provide a tremendous benefit not only for Nepali students, but students around the world.

In this regional MUN program, you will join over 200 delegates from across South and Central Asia to discuss a variety of issues, including regional economic integration, climate change, and nuclear non-proliferation. This will help you learn how to debate and approach issues in international relations, as well as sharpen such essential skills as public speaking, diplomacy, cooperation, negotiation, and compromise.

I participated as a student in Model UN, and know the program is a powerful way for young people to learn about international relations and the importance of diplomacy. This will be a great opportunity, and I encourage you to apply to attend the conference.


Alaina B. Teplitz
U.S. Ambassador
Kathmandu, Nepal